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May 09, 2022

Should You Invest In A Security System In Your Safe Neighborhood In Los Angeles?

You finally managed to land the house of your dreams in the perfect area. It has a reputation as an ideal family spot with nearly small levels of crime. But, should you get a security system in your Los Angeles safe neighborhood?

Although the frequency of unlawful acts in your area could be below the norm, criminal activity will still occur, and thieves are not necessarily home grown. You will also find a couple of surprising perks to equipping your home with a home security system that can serve you more than you’d think! Check out the many reasons why you should utilize a security system for your safe neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Discouraging Potential Thieves Is Your Smartest Approach Against Safe Neighborhood Break-Ins In Los Angeles

The biggest benefit of a smart security system isn’t stopping a break-in while it happens. It’s making sure a crime doesn’t occur to begin with. As reported by the Electronic Security Association, practically 90% of criminals noted that if they noticed home security at the property, they would not bother with that residence. Knowing this, you should show off those signs and window stickers and install a video doorbell, and prowlers will know to steer clear. By turning your property into a higher risk opportunity for would-be criminals, you’re taking a huge step in keeping your family and belongings protected.

Peace-of-Mind When You Leave on Vacation

To be realistic, our busy lives often don’t allow us to maintain a spare eye on our homes. Luckily, your smart home security system includes 24-hour security monitoring, which gives you comfort knowing trained specialists will constantly be keeping watch of your house. That’s reassuring if you’re around, but even more beneficial when you’re in a different state or country.

Use your ADT Contrl app to check real-time footage of your surveillance systems. Or view the state of any sensor or smart device. Get updates to your phone if anything unusual is detected. You may even get messages in regards to basement floods or fires, so you shouldn’t ever return to find an unpleasant situation. Keep in mind, your monitoring team will also respond to any event which causes an alarm or sensor to trip. They can coordinate with the authorities in your place and tie you in as needed.

Los Angeles Security Systems Safeguard Against More Than Break-Ins

Your home security is an effective method for protecting you from potential criminal activity. Still, your installation can include more than cameras and window sensors. For example, smoke and CO alarms merge effortlessly into your network of devices, giving you a safeguard from different types of danger – and it’s all in one cohesive package! You can also add high water sensors if you occupy a home with a basement or live in a flood zone.

If you want more, have the functionality of smart home automation built into your system. Various smart devices like lights, thermostats, and locks have the ability to make your home safe and energy-efficient. Take command of your home remotely with a few button taps, and arrange scenes that let your property be a great deal more receptive to your daily routine. You might even connect your security and automation to an AI assistant like Alexa or Google.

Start Planning Your Smart Home Security System Today

Now is the perfect time to stop safe neighborhood break-ins at your Los Angeles home. Your home security professional is ready to provide answers for any questions you have about how to effectively defend your home to fit your specific concerns and price point. Call (310) 421-1393 or fill out the easy-to-use form to begin.